Despite last year being our most successful year to date as a business, it was also our saddest. This is an update to the ABOUT page on our blog, as well as a tribute to a recent, major, loss for our team. My good friend, mentor, and business partner, Sean Matthew Simmons passed away suddenly, from natural causes. He was doing one of the many hobbies he loved, riding motocross. This happened on a peaceful Sunday afternoon at the track, just a few days after his company’s 6th year anniversary in November of 2017.

In updating Sean’s rigging and sailing experience bio, I just wanted to take a few moments to write a few thoughts:

In 2004, I met Sean after a nice sail with friends on a local Wednesday night beer can race. At the time I was enamored with all things sailing; in the romance phase some might say. When I met Sean, he was guest skipper aboard the local marina owner’s race boat. He immediately gained my respect with his humble display of boating knowledge, and seamanship. At the post race ‘shindig’, I quietly overheard about the next evening’s upcoming J24 one design practice, I was immediately interested. So after a few cans of liquid courage, I walked up to him and asked…

…Without even contemplating, Sean sternly replied “why don’t you just come tomorrow then?”. That was exactly what I did. The next day we sailed his J24 (that he co-owned with his brother), Minor Threat, yes, named after the punk band. For the next few years, every Thursday, and most weekends, we sailed Minor Threat along with our other close friends and teammates, Curt and Jake, making memories whether we knew it or not. We only won a few times but always gave it our all. If you asked us, we worked harder than anyone else and this was our team mind set. Shortly after we started sailing together, Sean asked (sternly again, of course) “why don’t you come work at Chesapeake Rigging?”. The rest was history. Sean and I worked and sailed side by side for the next 13 years…

When someone like this passes away in your life, you don’t even realize how much time you spend together, until they’re gone. It was at least 40+ hours every week for 13 years. I wish I would have paid more attention. I, along with so many others, will miss him beyond words and emotion.

Sean, if you’re listening, I miss you MAN…. more than I was ever able to express.

~Rest in Peace Sean Simmons, R.I.P.S.S.~

Your Friend, Your Co-worker, Your Biking Buddy, Your J24 Crew, Your Wing-man, Your Business Partner.



Jimmie Cockerill and Sean Simmons.....Workin' in the Rain!

15 thoughts on “R.I.P.S.S.

  1. Hey Jimmie. It’s been a long while since I last visited the blog. Lost my Dad this past year. He was my best friend too. I guess it’s meaningful when we can say someone is simply irreplaceable. Best, Gary

  2. Jimmie…great writing about a great friend. Sean was so humble that many of his closest friends (including me) never knew how successful he had become, how professional his work was, how he had continued to get better at everything he considered a worthy challenge.

    Sean’s passing was a shock…like the wind suddenly stopped for no reason. But…when I think about my friend I feel his presence more than ever now…as I’m sure many people do. And for me…this is faith…this is knowing that the wind will blow again and Sean’s energy is behind every puff. Cheers to a life very well lived Sean.

    I’m going surfing now…

    1. Beautiful words and also bad ass Matt, these words will live here for as long as we are here. I couldn’t agree more with your view on faith. We’ll be surfing, biking, drinking, hanging, and working on stuff together again one day…I’m sure of it, I have faith in that. Not to sound cliche, but S.S. is truly forever young. That man never got old and was always determined to stay young…in his soul.

      P.S. – I am going to hang in Katie’s basement again this Friday. First time since we were all there, a night to be remembered. I’ll be thinking about you. I hope we will cross paths again soon…sir (dude).


  3. One of the best, honest, sincere person to walk this earth. It was my pleasure to call him a friend. We spent a lot of time together in California surfing and enjoying the California lifestyle. If you ever were in a tight situation, this is the man you would want by your side. RIP my friend, I’ll see u on the other side…… Your friend Joe Martella

    1. R.I.P.S.S. Nice words Joe….HE always would root for the underdog…something I always admired about him. He made those that he kept close to him better, including me. What a legacy….

  4. Jimmie and Team. 8 BELLS. My heart goes to the families, loved ones and the team. Appreciated the work you have done for us…

    “As if the Sea should part
    And show a further Sea —
    And that — a further — and the Three
    But a presumption be —

    Of Periods of Seas —
    Unvisited of Shores —
    Themselves the Verge of Seas to be —
    Eternity — is Those –” e.d

    John Schafer

  5. Although I never knew Sean, I know his mom, Peggy. I have known and loved and adored Peggy since the day we met in high school. And knowing Peggy, I know that Sean had to have one hell of a wonderful man, smart with a great sense sense of humor. I am sorry that I never knew ye, Sean.

    1. Nice words, thank you Mary-jo. Peggy is a rock just like her son…i have nothing but respect and admiration for that whole family. Pleasure meeting and sad that it had to be on these terms. Thank you.


    1. I New Sean many years ago when I was General Manager of the Crease in Towson. Darby his brother worked in the kitchen making the best Eggs Benedict for Sunday Brunch ever. Soon , my sweet Sean was of age too work and he came to the Crease and I believe this was his first job and joined his brother making Sunday Brunch it was a match made in heaven! We worked so well together and loved each other!! Sean was my little sweetheart, so respectful and Sean was very professional he mastered all the cooking skills so necessary for our lunches and dinners. Most of all for me, I loved his smile and he was so funny too! He grew up too be such a successful young man, I always knew he would be great. I would like too think, I gave him the respect he deserved!! A good young man gone too soon. Love you Sean , MJ

      1. MJ, I love this….Sean had the best smile I’ve ever seen…and I’m not just saying that, he really did. The stories of The Crease will live on for years to come….nice to make your acquaintance even under such sad circumstances.


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