Views from Aloft

Jimmie Cockerill Aloft in Canton Baltimore

 I struck gold again with another beautiful day in the Baltimore Inner Harbor!

Canton Waterfront

On this day we conducted an official sailboat rigging inspection for the United States Coast Guard…pretty cool eh?

U.S. Coast Guard Sailboat Rigging Inspection

This is a shot of the bow and the USCG anxiously awaiting my return to earth to tell them about what I found.

Safeway Grocery Store

I just liked this shot of Canton and it just so happens to be a great plug for Safeway supermarkets….you’re welcome.

Cracked Stanchion Base

Unfortunately for the boat owner there were some cracks….

Marine Eye. Cracked fitting. Cracked Headstay. Cracked forestay fitting

….,some worse than others. Above is an image of the headstay marine eye and the crack that I found. It migrates all the way around the bottom of the eye, yikes!

Endeavour 43

The boat was an Endeavour 43 Ketch and repairs were made immediately. 

Thanks for taking a look at the view.



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