Authorized Harken Hydraulics Service Center

Harken Hydraulics at The Rigging Company

Back in April 2016, The Rigging Company attended a week long certification to become an Authorized Harken Hydraulics Service Center. WE PASSED!!!

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You can now bring your Harken hydraulic units or systems to The Rigging Company (or we can bring The Rigging Company to you) to have them serviced, repaired, and even replaced.

We not only sell, service, and repair the entire line of Harken’s hydraulic line up but our staff is now very well versed with the manufacturer specific product knowledge. If for some reason we don’t have the answer, we have the resources to find out quickly. Harken and The Rigging Company do one thing very well, and that’s customer service.


Hydraulic service center, authorized Harken


So what makes Harken’s hydraulic line-up a notch above the rest? Well, let’s start with they have probably the coolest and most innovative multi-speed rotary pumps on the market. There’s lots to talk about in regards to these pumps, so for the sake of keeping things short, I’ll spare you the details. If you want to know more give us a call and/ or read more on their site.
Harken's Hydraulic panel system, double acting pumpHere are some of my favorite innovations that we learned about while at their class… First and foremost has to be the double acting (manual) pumps in both their integral adjusters as well as the their panel units. This nifty innovation allows the user to move almost twice as much oil as the competitors designs, with the same amount of effort. Panel units also offer splined drives for the pump handle to mount at any angle. The handles themselves come in various materials and designs to give the user and installer an endless supply of options, ensuring the the right fit. This too is something the competition just doesn’t offer.


Hydraulic cylinders, grand prix the rigging companyThinking about making the switch from one of the other leading manufacturers? Harken has designed their hydraulic lineup to be adaptable in almost every conceivable way. Cylinders (integrals included) have the exact same stroke options as the others manufacturers. This makes for an easy swap out whenever you are ready to make the switch. All fittings and thread sizes are imperial not metric (well the screws are still metric…). Just want to replace the valves and the panel for now and do the cylinders and hoses later (or visa versa)?  Not a problem, it is all made to fit without much fuss. Harken’s new lineup of single, double, even three speed pumps (Grand Prix), available with single or multi functions, are lighter, pump oil faster, and easier to mount. Not to mention they come with various looks to choose from: black anodized aluminum, clear coated carbon fiber, or polished 316 grade stainless steel…SHARP!


Hydraulic systems from Harken

Comanche the Record Smashing 100 Footer!!


‘Ever think about adding a dump valve? Don’t know what that is? Well you may not need one then, but I’ll tell you anyways ;-0). It is a nifty release switch that can be installed in-line to a hydraulic vang (for instance). This valve gives access to release the vang in a jiffy. A handy device should you find yourself “on your ear in a blow”. Now listen up all you racers out there, while in Pewauke, WI, I learned about this NEW “string pull dump valve”. This version of the dump valve allows you to releaseString Dump Valve, HArken Hydraulics,  the vang from the rail by yes, pulling a line. This is the alternative to the dump button usually centrally located in the middle of the boat (Not where you want to go when the boat is wiping out). The last feature of their dump valve is that it utilizes what is called a “Flow Control Valve” which allows you to (VERY) finely control the severity of the dump action. This can be handy if you intend to use it for a more controlled ease, say around mark roundings. I know it’s geeky, but I’m just saying……SUPER COOL!


There’s one last thing that should be mentioned about Harken’s new range of hydraulic products….they are as well assembled as they are designed. All screws are dipped in Tefgel and all seals get lithium grease. This is ensures that their products won’t seize up and can be easily serviced, time and time again. Something we at The Rigging Company can really appreciate.

As always these guys are staying true to their motto “Innovative Sailing Solutions”. Thanks Harken for giving the hydraulic sailboat market some options.

Feel like some of this talk is just too techy? I know what you mean. No worries, just give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss your options in more layman terms. Remember, at the end of the day we sell all of the products from all of the various manufacturers. So you can always count on us to point you in the direction of quality and reliability based on our experience….

Have a question or a comment, just click the title and write us below, we will reply.



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Harken Headsail Furlers

HArken furler at The Rigging Company

Is Harken the Best? Well that’s a matter of opinion I guess. They are definitely one of the best. There is just no match for composite ball bearing furlers. The reason is that Harken Furlers and any composite bearing furlers can typically be easily serviced and maintained. Essentially, in order to maintain your Harken Headsail Furler, all you have to do (while washing your boat) is ‘squirt’ a little soap in the races of the drum and swivel once in a while and thoroughly rinse and spin the unit until no more suds come out. Then just add some of Team McLube’s Patented One-Drop Solution (not a requirement) if you are really looking for some rip roaring, spinning action.

Harken Headsail Furler 'The Best'

Should the furler still have issues, or it is just time (5 years or more), you may want to look into having it professionally serviced. Relatively speaking,it is very affordable and simple to service the units and replace the Torlon balls. I know “composite ball  bearing”  sounds fancy and expensive, but it’s quite the contrary, about $25 for 25 balls (of which you’ll probably need two packs). Just make sure that you get the right size.

How does the competition tend to stack up against Harken’s Headsail Furlers? As I mentioned before, there are other good furler manufacturers out there that utilize this dry lubricated composite ball bearing design. However, let’s take a minute to talk about the ones that don’t and what their design is. Other manufacturers tend use sealed and unsealed stainless ball bearings, that ride in stainless or aluminum races and are packed in grease. These furlers can be a pain and sometimes impossible to service (not to mention, messy!), without sending them off to the manufacturer. Usually they require complete bearing and race replacement, which can be pricey, and if nothing else time consuming. With some manufacturers, you may be able to re-grease them Harken Furler with Long Link Toggleyourself or rather add more grease on top of the old grease (not ideal). Also, these “packed-grease-bearing” furlers seem rather sluggish right out-of-the box. Not a surprise really, considering that stainless balls packed with grease just sounds slow and dampened, much like I would expect for a wheel hub on a car or trailer. I can appreciate this engineering concept, but “I am trying to unfurl my sail quickly and effortlessly, not drive my furler down I-95 at 65 MPH :-0)

You make the call, but I would stick with the dry lubricated composite ball bearing technology of Harken Furlers. Don’t take my word for it, instead head down to your local chandlery and ask if you can give one a ‘spin’!

Thanks for the read!


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Help Wanted!

The Rigging Company, Annapolis MAryland

 is on the lookout for a few good hands.

We are currently accepting any and all resumes regardless of experience for full-time, year-round employment.

People we are looking for:

  • If you are a skilled and experienced rigging technician looking for work.
  • If you have experience in the sailing/ marine industry of any kind, drop us a line.
  • If you’ve ever read The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice and can still climb a mast, we’d love to talk to you.
  • If you are a young ambitious sailor who’s looking for a good trade to learn,  you will only improve your sailing skills and knowledge from here on out.

Sailboat Rigging Bench, Sta-lok, Selden, Seldon, Seldem

The New Rigging Company. Harken blocks, travelers and furlers, Navtec Rod rigging, Hayn Rod Rigging







We offer fair pay, hard work, some good times, and whole lot of job satisfaction. So if you are interested, please send us your info and we will get back to you regardless of our decision. We’d love to hear from you.

Join our team of skilled riggers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: You can check out our “Help Wanted” ads in Sailing Anarchy and Annapolis Craigslist.



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