Annapolis Yacht Rigger!

Annapolis Chesapeake Master RiggerSean Simmons (Partner) Started in the marine industry in 1988 working for Harbor Yacht Rigging in Baltimore, Md as a Riggers Apprentice under the tutelage of gentleman named Tom Snow. Then was later promoted to another job in 1990 at the nearby, Get-a-way Sailing School as the Chief Technician. Around 1993 he was hired at the old Tidewater Marine Center, also in downtown Baltimore, as a General Technician who specialized in Rigging. In 1997, Sean joined the rigging team at the former Chesapeake Rigging, Annapolis Spars Ltd. to further and fine tune his rigging skills and knowledge under the tutelage and mentor-ship of Annapolis’s Best Riggers and the Mid-Atlantic’s only Spar builder, Mike Rittner (Master Rigger), Patrick Jinx (Master Rigger/ Hydraulics Technician), and John Lyons (Master Spar Builder).

Just to summarize  Sean’s vast sailing experience. He started sailing at the young age of 12 with his father, friends and family. He continued to sail regularly aboard his fathers boats until age 27, when he and his brother  bought and campaigned their own J-24, ‘Minor Threat’  for the next twelve years. Sean says ” dad owned three boats in total ( all at separate times), and  was very meticulous about the boats care, concerning its rigging and its cleanliness”. ” He made sure that my sister, my brother, and I were always sharp and well cross trained so that any of us could manage the boats duty’s on our own should we ever have the need to”. Today Sean hopes to employ his vast array of knowledge and experience at his new company here in Annapolis. His goal is to not only provide customers with rigging products and services at low prices, but to take it one step further and offer FREE cruising system tutorials. “Most of the problems that I have come across in this business is that people aren’t educated on how to use the various systems that their boat is equipped with”, says Sean, “So not only are we the best riggers in the business, but we will also go sailing with you and make sure that you are confident using that new furler or how to properly use your whisker pole”. “This in-itself is what will separate us from the rest”.

2 thoughts on “Annapolis Yacht Rigger!

  1. I would like to add some handrails to my 44′ FP Catamaran. Do you do this sort of work?

    1. We do through our neighbor Kato Marine. You should contact them directly if you are willing to provide dimesnions and install yourself. Otherwise let us know and we can come up with a design as well as install them for you.

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