End Of The Rope !

Chesapeake Rigging

Thursday, November 10, 2011, the Mid-Atlantic’s largest Rigger and Spar Builder, Chespaeake Rigging, Annapolis Spars, Ltd., since 1979, closed its doors! We were all sent text messages the night before telling us to arrive at work a half hour before our normally scheduled time; making our minds wonder throughout the night. Most of us could assume that this request was regarding a major decision and I don’t think any of us slept well that night. Some had been employed by Chesapeake Rigging, Annapolis Spars, Ltd. for more than half of their lives; some no more than 6 months. We were told that morning that there will be no work today or any day that was to follow. It was so early that most of us were too tired to react, some of us too disappointed. The “old man” almost fell over! This long, to some short, seemingly intimate relationship came to a cold, abrupt, and most certainly a surprising end. “We cannot continue to do business” said co-owner Clay Bartel. So that’s it, we all have to gather our tools and go home instead of earn a paycheck. Within 4 hours, 33 years of work and workers cleared out, some hanging their heads, some lower than others. Within minutes the word had spread like wildfire. As if  David had just defeated some lions, I bid farewell to all of those that were forced to change their lives……….       for the better. Keep your chin-up and your back straighter than your drives Pat. Eric, could you please smile, please? Aaron, use your high voice. Doug….. you are the man (but i have a feeling you already knew that) . Most importantly, Johnny, may you stay just the way you are :-0)

Miss you guys!

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