The Rigging Company, LLP was founded on the idea of offering customers the best quality service for the most competitive price available.  The Rigging Company staff brings over 100 years combined experience to its customers.  Sean Simmons and Jimmie Cockerill founded the company in 2011 after having worked and sailed together for over 6 years out of Bert Jabin’s Yacht Yard.  The two have always striven to attain the highest quality work standards along with the best customer service.  Maintaining the ideals that each job should attain safety and functionality through simplicity, the company mantra. Offering better than internet pricing to all of its customers, The Rigging Company wants to provide people with a quality of products and services that they have come to expect in the non marine industry.   The Rigging Company, LLP thanks you for your patronage and looks forward to your business!  Please see our Contact Us! and Locate Us! Pages for location, hours and contact information.

Sean Simmons Annapolis Rigger

Sean Simmons (Partner) Started in the marine industry in 1988 working for Harbor Yacht Rigging in Baltimore, Md as a Riggers’ Apprentice under the tutelage of a gentleman named Tom Snow. Then was later promoted to another job in 1990 at the nearby Get-a-way Sailing School as the Chief Technician. Around 1993 he was hired at the old Tidewater Marine Center, also in downtown Baltimore, as a General Technician who specialized in Rigging.  In 1997, Sean joined the rigging team at the former Chesapeake Rigging, Annapolis Spars Ltd. to further and fine tune his rigging skills and knowledge under the tutelage and mentor-ship of Annapolis’s Best Riggers and the Mid-Atlantic’s only Spar builder, Mike Rittner (Master Rigger), Patrick Jinx (Master Rigger/ Hydraulics Technician), and John Lyons (Master Spar Builder).

Just to summarize Sean’s vast sailing experience, he started sailing at the young age of 12 with his father, friends and family.  He continued to sail regularly aboard his father’s boats until age 27, when he and his brother bought and campaigned their own J-24 USA 240, ‘Minor Threat’  for the next twelve years.  Sean says, “Dad owned three boats in total ( all at separate times) and  was very meticulous about the boats care.  Especially concerning its rigging and its cleanliness.  He made sure that my sister, my brother, and I were always sharp and well cross trained so that any of us could manage the boats duty’s on our own should we ever have the need to”.  Today Sean hopes to employ his vast array of knowledge and experience at his new company here in Annapolis.  His goal is to not only provide customers with rigging products and services at low prices, but to take it one step further and offer FREE cruising system tutorials. “Most of the problems that I have come across in this business stem from the fact that people aren’t educated on how to use the various systems that their boat is equipped with”, says Sean.  “So not only are we the best riggers in the business, but we will also go sailing with you and make sure that you are confident using that new furler or how to properly use your whisker pole.  This in-itself is what will separate us from the rest”.

Rigger Annapolis The Rigging CompanyJimmie has been actively pursuing the marine industry since 2004. He began as a wood worker’s apprentice under the tutelage of Jody Leonard of Bodkin Marine Service and his initial focus was classic and historical yacht restoration, which is still of great interest to him.  However, he found himself expanding his knowledge base into marine carpentry and traditional rigging as he gained experience in the boat yards of Annapolis and Baltimore.  Professionally, Jimmie has apprenticed under the Annapolis area’s top master riggers including Sean Simmons (Master Rigger), Patrick Jinks (Master Rigger, Hydraulic Technician), and John Lyons (Master Spar Builder). As a result of these apprenticeships and the knowledge gained through them, Jimmie found himself being promoted to General Manager of a premier mid-Atlantic rigging company in 2010. He excelled in this position until he decided to start a company of his own in late 2011.

Jimmie is also an avid racer, competing as a crew member on several classes of boats. He has competed in a large number of regattas in the greater Annapolis and Baltimore areas as well as his home country Germany. He knows how important the functionality of a sail boat is to the performance of the vessel on the race course. He also knows the importance of a smooth operating boat to the long pleasure cruise.

Today, Jimmie and Sean have taken it upon themselves to create a new premier mid-Atlantic company: The Rigging Company, LLP. They have a common goal to treat their customers with respect and to provide a level of service that might be expected of a boutique boat dealer. They believe that people pay a lot of money for their services and products, and they deserve to be treated accordingly. The Rigging Company takes pride in its pursuit of perfection and its customers will benefit from this fundamental philosophy.

10 Responses to About

  1. Allan Gohrband says:

    I need StreamStay Halyard Swivel bearings replaced at the Yacht Basin. Do you handle such things?

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Hi Allan,

      Unfortunately, StreamStay halyard swivels cannot be serviced any longer. Since the furlers have ceased production (quite some time ago) they have become too risky to rebuild. Mostly they do not come apart, and some require manufacturer specific tools to re-assemble. Having said, we would be glad to go to the Yacht Basin and go over options with you free of charge. Let us know! Thanks for contacting us.


  2. Tom Eschbaugh says:

    I have asked before about an inner forestay to be added to a Hunter 460. One of the stumbling blocks has been the availability/cost of a Highfield lever. I have recently located an ABI lever lock with 5/8″ clevis pin. It is new old stock. The Hunter spec sheet calls for 9/32″ fore stay wire. The 5/8″ lever lock uses 5/16″ wire. Seems like it should be possible to increase the inner fore stay wire one size to fit the lever lock. This would also need the next size larger shroud terminal. Is this a show stopper? Alternatively, can the stage terminal on the lever lock be replaced with one for the smaller wire? Thanks for your advice.

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Not at all. 5/16″ wire offers fittings in both 1/2″ and 5/8″. 9/32″ wire uses only 1/2″ fittings. You may have to drill the chainplate from 1/2″ to 5/8″. Just make sure there is enough meat around the hole for this minor increase in hole size. Also ensure the toggle at the bottom of the lever has enough clearance and will fit nicely. Aloft, if an eye fitting is being used you can opt for the 5/16″ x 1/2″ eye. A T terminal may present a fit issue aloft however so check that.

      ABI is (was) a great lever.

      Not sure if this answers your question but feel free to ask for more details.


  3. Weldon Kelley says:

    This is all great!

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Ha!! It’s Weldon. Wow it is nice to hear from you. HI MAN!!!!!! Miss Ya here in good ole’ Maryland. Please look me up under contact us. I would love to hear from you, so great…I hope you and Ute are well.

      Bye for now…


  4. Hi Jim, your About Page was an enjoyable read. I am thrilled for you guys! Best wishes- Adam

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      So good to hear from you again. Thank you for your blessing. I hope we can get together soon, miss you guys.

  5. Brian Jordi de Hoyos says:

    Congratulations Jim!



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