Which Boom Furler is the Best?

When it comes to mainsail management systems, in-mast furlers appear to be losingĀ popularity with cruisers while boom furlers keep popping up on more boats. We are noticing a huge increase in customers upgrading their conventional or even their in-mast units (yes, you read that right, read more below) to in-boom furling. I may even go […]

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The Crowhurst Scandal

Here is a really unique story that has surely left an everlasting impression in yachting history… In October 1968 the Sunday Times sponsored the worlds first single handed around the world race, The Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. This is the race that helped make Sir Robin Knox JohnstonĀ the sailing legend he is today. This […]

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The JP54 Performance Ocean Cruiser

Now that we are discovering fixed wing sails and hydrofoils, the world is starting to accept canting keels as standard equipment. Super accomplished sailor, Jean Pierre Dick’s new yacht building company designs us a blue-water cruiser with an ocean-racer soul. Not only does the JP 54 claim sea worthiness to circumnavigate the globe, but it […]

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Remember This Crazy ……..

…… Guy! Gabor Rakonczay rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, alone. This took place at the overlap of the 2011/ 2012 year. I just figured it needed a secondĀ mention. Crazy! ……… We don’t get something like this every day, but if someone knows someone who knows someone…. Hungarian Gabor Rakonczay is attempting to cross the Atlantic […]

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What a Guy

The first two skippers finished the Vendee Globe Solo Around the world race, yesterday just 3 hours apart. Pretty amazing! The big story however is Alex Thomson, skipper of Hugo Boss who has decided to follow Jean-Pierre Dick to safety instead of pass him and take the 3rd place podium spot from him. As mentioned […]

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The End is Near…

The Vendee Globe challengers are approaching the end, which may come as early as this weekend. However, the drama has not stopped. Jean-Pierre Dick (still in third but surely to be passed soon), Ā has broken his keel, but is puttering along at a measly 11 knots. The skipper of Virbac -Paprec 3 has yet to […]

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Vendee Globe Week 5

We are trying to keep up with the predominantly French sailboat race, the Vendee Globe Challenge 2012-2013. This is truly the only regatta that is harder than the Volvo Ocean Race. Twenty racers began the race and only thirteen remain. Take a minute to catch up on the latest action as sailors try and race […]

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Solo Around the World, Non-Stop!

The Vendee Globe Challenge 2012-2013 is underway. The raceĀ actuallyĀ started just over 2 days ago from Le Sables D’olonne, France. Catch the replay of the start here……… The race has 20 competitors 19 men and one brave woman, 15 SAMANTHA DAVIES Aboard – SavĆ©ol 19 BERTRAND DE BROC Aboard –Ā Votre Nom Autour du Monde avec EDM […]

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