Solo Around the World, Non-Stop!

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The Vendee Globe Challenge 2012-2013 is underway. The race actually started just over 2 days ago from Le Sables D’olonne, France. Catch the replay of the start here………

The race has 20 competitors 19 men and one brave woman,

Samantha Davies15


Aboard – Savéol

Bertrand De Broc19


Aboard – Votre Nom Autour du Monde avec EDM Projets

Translates as, Your Name Around the World with EDM Projects.

Suffered a punctured hull which caused him a 10 hour set back.

Marc Guillemot20


Aboard – Safran

 Has had a much greater misfortune and had to retire form the race altogether after breaking his keel just after the start.

Show your support for these incredible individuals. Follow the race on Twitter @vendeeglobe and like it on Facebook.

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