What a Guy

The first two skippers finished the Vendee Globe Solo Around the world race, yesterday just 3 hours apart. Pretty amazing!

Alex Thomson

The big story however is Alex Thomson, skipper of Hugo Boss who has decided to follow Jean-Pierre Dick to safety instead of pass him and take the 3rd place podium spot from him. As mentioned last week J.P. had a keel issue which caused his boat some stability issues. This is quite the noble gesture and makes Alex Thomson the most sportsman like skipper of the race (at least in my book).

Despite him not finishing the race in under 80 days (a personal goal of his), the Brit finds himself in a well deserved 3rd place anyways. Way to go!

Make sure that you catch all the finishing action for the next few days as the final boats arrive at http://www.vendeeglobe.org

What a guy…..

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