The Rigging Company in the Virgin Islands

We just finished our first trip to Grand Cayman on Wednesday for a full re-rig of a 45′ catamaran. Currently, we are in Tortola at Nanny Cay spec’ing and measuring for some new masts. Despite all of the beauty, there is still lots of wreckage everywhere, mostly complete write offs. It seems rebuilding has been tough, although there appears to be progress. Tomorrow it’s off to Virgin Gorda (which apparently is even worse off) to do some more of the same.

map of nanny cay and virgin gorda and virgin islands and grand cayman and st thomas

Let us know if you’d like us to stop by and have a look at your yacht while we’re still in the area. If you’ve missed us, no big deal, please contact us, or fill out our online work request as we will surely be back in the area in the upcoming months. We will be stopping by a great local rigging outfit to shake some hands and see if we can lend a helping hand.


Enjoy some of the photos we’ve compiled from our trip…

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Please like and share below so that we can get word out and help make Caribbean sailing great again! ;-)


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