The Best Scissors Ever…

Kevlar Scissors Scissors for Dyneema Cutting, vectran, technora shears, kevlar shears

…At least for cutting boat rope. Viper Kevlar Shears cut Kevlar (especially), but are also great for other tough fabrics like Dyneema, Vectran, Polyester, Technora. Apparently it is also used in cutting plastics, canvas, and even body armor.

Yes, of course they’ll go dull after a few years of cutting tough fiber rope, but they carry a 4-year warranty (which I didn’t even know). I’ve had mine since 2014 and have since replaced them once (recently) as they became only slightly dull, although they still cut better than other new brands I’ve tried. For $42.95, I’ll buy a new set every few years without any complaint.

I’ve been looking for a shear like this my entire career. Vampire Professional Tools International has finally answered my rope cutting woes with one great scissor. Order yours today from our friends at Sailing Services.

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  1. I have those scissors and they were great when they were new….how do I sharpen them?

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