One Boat Closer….V.O.R.

I can hardly wait any longer for this race to kick off. Since hydro-foiling catamaran’s with fixed wings are still not safe to sail around the world, the Volvo Ocean 65 will have to do ;-0) Although it does look like they have integrated the wave piercing bow into the design…….

Dongfeng VO 65

These boats are obviously a technological marvel. The engineers and designers promise a faster, yet safer and more stable boat than ever before. One of the big changes that I keep forgetting about is that the masts are now deck stepped. We’ll have to see how the masts fair. I am sure these race teams won’t get around unscathed, they never do. Also the use of strategically placed HD cameras should allow this race to be more “made for TV” than ever before. Hopefully the race gets more coverage than the Americas Cup did. 

Check out the Chinese entry’s, Dongfeng Race Team (the second VO 65 to launch), brand new boat. It withstood the ocean stress test in the English Solent with flying colors.

Dongfeng VO 65
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