Views From Aloft

Just another day at the office.

Whitehall MAryland

Here I had to go aloft to take a perfectly good internal halyard that went to a brand new rope clutch and make it external. Don’t ask me why, it is just what the customer wanted. As we always say “as long as it is safe and functional”, it is okay with us.

Whitehall Marina
Click On Image For a Larger View. Can You Find the Stitching Error in Picture?

It was another great day, with an easy climb, and a happy customer. That’s what we like!

Whitby 42 from aloft on the mizzen
Whitby 42

The job went relatively well aside from the tang bolt that I had to remove in order reeve the halyard from the aft edge of the mast through to forward edge.

Whitehall MAryland

Any guesses where we are? HINT: There is a famous boat builder’s boat yard right across the creek, nestled in a quiet corner just northwest of Annapolis.

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