Views from Aloft

An absolutely GORGEOUS day on the bay. This trip aloft was to retrieve a skyed main halyard and conduct a basic visual safety inspection.

Magothy River Aloft. The Rigging Company

This was our first ‘Views from Aloft’ this year, taken last month on the Magothy River in beautiful Arnold Maryland.

Panoramic Picture of beautiful
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I have to say the Island Packet 38 is one of the bigger feeling 38 footers I’ve ever been on.

Island Packet 38

The air quality has been superb here lately…’makes my images look even more HD! Thank you mother nature.

HD images from aloft. Arial Photography

Although this furler does have the appropriate Harken Halyard Restrainer, it is upside down :(

The Improper way to install a Harken Halyard Restrainer

The wire for the Staysail stay has become a bit distorted. Not sure what caused this but I am certain it has something to do with the furler.

Island Packet staysail furler wire

Hey it’s me again, HI!

Caves Valley Caddie Hat. Aloft with Jimmie Cockerill and The Rigging Company Annapolis
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That’s a wrap! Once again, thanks for taking a look at the view…


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