New Business Owner, The Rigging Company, LLP

Rigger Annapolis The Rigging CompanyJimmie got his first start in the marine industry in 2004. He started working as a wood workers apprentice under the tutelage of Jody Leonard of Bodkin Marine Service. His focus initially became classic and historical yacht restoration. As he grew in the marine industry, he found himself expanding his knowledge base into marine carpentry and eventually traditional rigging. In 2006 the 6’4″ 235lbs., fluently bi-lingual, German found himself racing  J-24’s (middle of the boat of course) in Annapolis, MD  with The Simmons Brothers. Shortly there after he spent the next two years apprenticing under the likes of Sean Simmons (Master Rigger), Patrick Jinks (Master Rigger, Hydraulic Technician), as well as John Lyons (Master Spar Builder). Being a quick study, Jimmie, in just a few short years, was promoted to sales man and finished his employment as General Manager of one of the biggest, premier rigging companies in the Mid-Atlantic.  Today he has taken a position as a partner along the side of Sean Simmons at The Rigging Company. Jimmie says “I have one common goal with Sean, and that is to treat our customers with the respect, level of service, and provide the quality of product, that they might come to expect at a fine dine restaurant.I mean we aren’t selling expensive steak, but more importantly we are selling safety and peace of mind and not at a small price either. People pay a lot of money for our services and products and they deserve to be treated accordingly. Jimmie wants People to know, “we take our job very seriously and find the ultimate pay off in saying. ‘Yep, it’s perfect'”.

About The Rigging Company, LLP

We provide complete and professional rigging products and services!
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2 Responses to New Business Owner, The Rigging Company, LLP

  1. peter says:

    I wonder if you could steer me in the right direction. i’m building a new wooden boom for my cheoy lee 38 sloop. id like to add an outhaul adjustable from the cockpit with some muscle (8 to 1?) but am not sure how to rig it. the old setup is a screw drive unit at the end of the boom with a little hand crank. it’s useless . any ideas? since I’m building it from scratch i can do anything i want.

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      We’d be glad to help. Please send us some pictures of the boom and how you’d like to lead it back to the cockpit. That way I can come up with a solution that will help you.


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