Rolex Big Boat Series

The 50th Anniversary of the Rolex Big Boat Series hit the San Francisco Bay about two weeks ago.

Rolex Big Boat Series. YouTube. Sailing wipe outs

Here are a few of the always fun to watch highlights.

Video brought to you by T2pTV’s YouTube Channel.

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2 Responses to Rolex Big Boat Series

  1. Don Walters says:

    I have an 1981 J30. Do you sell an improved system for the spreader brackets which are rivited to the mast. The rivits tend to loosen over time causing mast failure. I read an article where you made a recomendation to reslove the problem.


    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for commenting. Do you have the newer Hall spar or the Older Kenyon. If it is a Kenyon my competitor Annapolis Rigging makes and sells them. If it is a Hall Spar call them directly. Annapolis Rigging can be hard to get a hold of. We are right next door so let me know if you want me to bug them for you it is not a problem.

      Thanks Again!


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