Annapolis Sailor to Round Cape Horn!

cape horn

This gentleman, Matt Rutherford, was originally a customer of the former Chesapeake Rigging. He had asked Chesapeake Rigging for a standard rigging inspection and stated that he had plans of crossing the Atlantic. I never met with him face to face but distinctlyĀ rememberĀ his request because it wasn’t every day that one of our customers (who I believe happened to be new to boat ownership) threatenedĀ to cross the Atlantic. About two years ago or so I was at a post-regatta party and met Matt personally. He was was very nice and invited me back to his boat for some beers. His boat was a very distinctive Pearson but I did not remember him as a customer of Chesapeake Rigging at that time. I recognized the quality of the rigging craftsmanship and inquired as to where the work had been done. At that moment I asked the question, I could answer it myself; this was my handy work. As it turns out, he had just returned from a long hiatus in Africa (which explained the wild animal print interior).Ā ApparentlyĀ he had also learned a thing or two about fiberglass andĀ gel-coatĀ because the interior had custom fiberglass speaker boxes. He said that it would have been a long trip without a killer sound system. Since then he has taken on otherĀ endeavors like a solo northern passage around the Americas. I have stumbled over his story and his blog here. You should definitely take a look, especially if you are into ‘despite all odds’ kind of stories…


Turns out there was a documentary made about this called Red Dot on the Ocean.Ā Check out the trailer…

The guy is wearing one of our hats throughout the movie. Thanks for the plug Matt!!! Awesome.

There is a theatrical release party scheduled in Matt and our’s home port. Check out and like the movie’s Facebook page for details.

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  1. Wow, small world, good times. You guys wanna to do a “free rigging check” on the Patapsco today? Conditions at FSKM2 as of (11:00 am EST) 1600 GMT on 12/30/2011:
    Wind Direction (WDIR): ESE ( 110 deg true )
    Wind Speed (WSPD): 7.0 kts
    Wind Gust (GST): 8.9 kts
    Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 30.05 in
    Pressure Tendency (PTDY): +0.04 in ( Rising )
    Air Temperature (ATMP): 40.5 Ā°F
    Wind Chill (CHILL): 35.1 Ā°F

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