Tag 60

Tag Stardust

Brace yourself! The multi-hulls are taking over. I had to steal this one from sailinganarchy.com. What a good find. Tag Yachts

I may have mentioned this before, but other than the ridiculously hi speed, crashing, flipping AC cats and maybe the Extreme 40’s (because they’re just fun to watch), I typically have an aversion towards multi-hulls. This is because typically cruising cats aren’t very attractive and they just don’t look like they sail very well. Of course everyone likes the exotic Gun Boat catamaran as they are just plain sexy, but ever since SA has brought the Tag 60 to my Tag Yachts Interiorattention, I think I’m in love.

This thing looks like a blast to sail and still achieves the spacial luxuries that only the massive beam of a catamaran can provide. Now if they could just make them a tad more affordable……Tag Tang

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