Emirates Team New Zealand ‘s AC72

Check out the new AC72 in action and hear some of sailings best commentators describe the awesome yacht from both on-board and off.

AC 72 VS AC 45

Peter Lester , who was apparently one of the first non-crew guests on the fixed winged, hydro foiling, super catamarans. Discusses the experience in disbelief, being no slouch himself and having won the New Zealand Yachtsman of the year in 1977 and again in 1987. He also competed in the Americas Cup; as a tactician on board the Team New Zealand boat KZ1 in 1988, as the coach of the Spanish team in 1992, and as tactician for Chris Dicksons Tag Heuer Challenge in 1995.Pretty impressive.

I can’t wait to see these things crash into each other…….. I mean race each other :-0)

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