Power at Your Fingertips

Discovery Yacht

This is the yacht that leisure off shore sailors have been waiting for. Behold the future of sailing is right around the corner.

The Discovery 57 features some of the latest and greatest powered rigging products on the market. This kind of technology isn’t just for mega yachts anymore and is becoming more and more standard on the production boats of today. This fine yacht packs everything from high end powered Reckmann Furlers to a powered Harken Traveler System which allows you to traveler down in ‘puffs’ by the press of a button from the helm, sweet!

Harken Rewind

   It appears that the primary winches are Harken’s, but I am not sure if they are of the variety that spin both ways, A.K.A. the all New Harken Rewind Radial. I am sure they would have made mention of it in the video, but imagine being able to sheet in or out any sail by the press of a button from the helm. I would want to see if that option can be thrown in as well.

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