Views From Aloft

A beautiful day in Friendship, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay from Friendship MD up the mast. Aloft
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We went aloft on this completely re-rigged Beneteau 411 to cover tang holes.

Bene 411 from aloft. Up the mast

The birds were making their way-in and building a nest. Who wouldn’t, those are some big holes that make a great front door. “Come on in”

Beneteau 411 from aloft

We used black preservation tape and prepped the area to ensure good adhesion. This very strong tape is apparently no match for a beak. Attempt number one was a fail!

Covering tang holes on US Spars, Beneteau 411 Z spar bird hole. US Spars how to keep birds out of my mast.

But we’ll be back with custom made aluminum covers which we will drill and tap. “That oughta hold ’em”

Hopefully I won’t have to dig out the family and their nest next time…eeeek!

Who can name this Marina?

Herrington Harbor south

Thanks for taking a look at the view!

Jimmie Cockerill. The BEST sailboat rigger.


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