Foiling Upwind? Not a Problem…….

Emirates TEam New Zealnd Oracle TEam USA






Yesterday could have marked the end for the American team. However, with a solid win in the first race, living by the old adage “win the start and extend your lead”, Oracle held them off once more.

Go Oracle!

A race cancellation due to wind strengths just prior to the 2nd start ensures that Oracle lives to defend the Cup another day. Say what you want, this is way more exciting than any Americas Cup yet! Especially the last one which was a boat designers cup (IMO).

New Zealnad Sailors

Check out the highlights of yesterdays race courtesy of the America’s Cup YouTube channel….(Also as a bonus there is nice explanation of VMG-Velocity Made Good and “Hooking” by the experts, starting at the 35:00 mark)

The current standing is 8-2, New Zealand. Emirates Team New Zealand is one away while Oracle Team USA needs an monumental 7 wins to retain the oldest Trophy in modern sports.

Tune in tomorrow 12:30PM Pacific Time, 3:30PM Eastern Time on NBC for the live action.

“How do you eat a Kiwi? One race at a time.” – GO ORACLE!

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