Time to Burn

 Dongfeng Race Team arriving in Itajaí after breaking their mast in the middle of Leg from New Zealand to Brazil. A reduced crew sailed the boat from Ushuaia under jury rig.

Team Donfeng Racing has made it to Itajaí! Incredibly the mast arrived all the way from Dubai around the same time. Since Ushuaia, most of the race team has been replaced by shore crew for the delivery to Brazil. This allowed the regular crew the opportunity for some much needed rest and the shore crew the opportunity to make some repairs on-board as-well-as prepare for the new mast once they arrived.

Everyone aboard, even the few regular crew that had to stay on board (due to immigration issues), appear well rested. This boat delivery seemed like a cruise, offering real food and long sleep, compared to the usual strenuous racing circumstances. Still, limping a damaged VO 65 some 2000 NM in 11 days must be faster than most cruising boats.

dongfeng to make in-shore race. Leg 4 to Auckland onboard Dongfeng Race Team. Day 17. Kevin Escoffier inspects the leech line on the MH0.

Rumors have it that, not only will the Chinese entry (still in second place BTW!!!) make the start of leg 6 to Newport, but they are likely going to be competing in the Itajaí In-port race. Incredible, I may have a new race favorite. Go Dongfeng!

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