Harken Travelers

Harken TravelerHarken dominates the sailboat parts market in many areas. Travelers are no exception. Don’t think for a minute that this product is only for racers, it is for cruisers too!  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to move the traveler while under load (what’s the point of having one otherwise?). Of course there are some other products out there, but really for the small price difference, why bother? This is one of those classic examples of ‘paying a little bit extra really does go a long way’. Harken’s Torlon ball bearing technology is without a doubt the best on the market; as soon as the car gets a little sticky or ‘grindy’, just use soap and water along with some of Harken’s One Drop Solution, and you should be all set. If you have really worn those Torlon balls so badly that they have ‘flat spotted’, they are easy enough and inexpensive to replace. Of course with the older non-captive units you need to be a little more careful and you need that special loader track that Harken will send you free of charge but you have to ask.

The advantage that Harken travelers have over the competition is that they can be serviced. It is inevitable that any sailboat part will require replacement or service at some point in time, so why not buy something that can be serviced instead of replaced.

Theses travelers come in various sizes, purchase ratios and cleating arrangements. Make sure you ask an experienced professional, what system would work best for your boat.


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