Check Out The New Hydroptère…….

……. doing some practice in the San Francisco Bay to prepare for the crossing of the Pacific.

The freshly painted, newly sponsored DCNS Hydroptère, the boat that flies, has recently been delivered from France to the west coast of America to attempt to beat the Trans-Pacific World Record. This record should get smashed considering the boat’s speed. I am sure it will be rough trip for a boat of this caliber. If it holds together and they don’t flip, they should crush it!  Hydroptere FlipDon’t forget this boat has seen speeds in excess of 60 knots! Here is the video footage from the other day as Hydroptère beat the Bay’s sail speed record at 37.5 knots in over one nautical mile.

Personally, I think the thing needs a wing, maybe like the one see on the new AC72 (pictured below).

AC 72

Take a look as this sailing marvel glides across the top of the rough seas of the San Francisco Bay. Watch the whole story here. Incredible what some determination, perseverance and a lot of money can do!

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