The Self Tending Jib Boom

Jib boom or no jib boom… that is the question. First we need to figure out why it’s there to begin with. The jib boom really only has its advantages when sailing “off the wind”. It allows the sail to maintain a well projected, fast sail shape as the sheet is eased off of centerline. […]

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Servicing The Chain Plates

The chainplate is typically a metal plate used to fasten a stayĀ to the boat. One end of the chainplate has a hole for the pin of the turnbuckle, the remainder of the chainplate is used to attach the plate to the boatĀ Ā via a bulkhead, knee, tie rod or the hull itself. Chainplates get their name […]

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Views From Aloft….

Here we had to go aloft to replace an external boom topping lift as the rope had slipped the sheave and jammed. This caused the cover of the rope to become separated. What creek is this? I can tell youĀ thatĀ it is in Annapolis, Maryland. What kind of boat is this? Click on the pictures for […]

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Star Spangled Sailabration

BaltimoreĀ celebratesĀ its 200 year anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner and the War of 1812. The Star-Spangled Sailabration will take place in the Baltimore Inner Harbor this week, June 13-19. More than 40 tall ships and naval vessels will be on parade for the national launch of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the […]

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The ‘Riggers’ of the Sailboat World

Sean Simmons (Partner) Started in the marine industry in 1988 working for Harbor Yacht Rigging in Baltimore, Md as a Riggers ApprenticeĀ underĀ theĀ tutelageĀ ofĀ gentlemanĀ named Tom Snow. Then was later promoted to another job in 1990 at the nearby, Get-a-way Sailing School as the Chief Technician. Around 1993 he was hired at the old Tidewater Marine Center, also […]

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It Takes Two To Tango….

Ā Volvo Ocean Race has seen yet another disaster. Leg leaders, Groupama have unfortunately beenĀ dis-mastedĀ just some 600NM from the finish line. This may have been some sort of record for the Volvo Ocean Race and Whitbread Cups combined, for being the mostĀ disastrousĀ leg in history. Abu Dhabi, who never seemed to quite catch up from their initial […]

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