Views from Aloft

A beautiful day…..arguably the best this year. A Tayana 37, a well done canoe stern for blue water cruising.             A brand new headsail furler and headstay assembly. This furler has won me over for being the best cruising line-drive furler available on the market. Any guesses to who makes […]

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Harken Travelers

Harken dominates the sailboat parts market in many areas. Travelers are no exception. Don’t think for a minute that this product is only for racers, it is for cruisers too!  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to move the traveler while under load (what’s the point of having one otherwise?). Of course there […]

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The Highfield Lever

The Highfield lever was originally invented by the late Mr J. S. Highfield in about 1930. I believe this concept was initially intended to load and release running backstays at a predesignated tension. This method for runner tensioning has since been replaced with ‘high speed’ synthetics, fancy blocks, tackles, and/or dedicated winches. Some years later, […]

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Pin and Tape……

…….A term regularly used here at The Rigging Company. Yet this small detail appears to elude most, at least when it comes to doing it correctly. I always say, “details are what make the difference between a professional job and one that is well, not so professional”. If you take notice as to how your […]

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In today’s sailboat hardware market we will find 3 primary types of cleats. Cam Cleats, Clam Cleats, and Horn Cleats. The clam cleat is almost obsolete in today’s sailboat technology. The main problem with them is that they are difficult to secure and easy to un-cleat. The clam cleat comes in handy in maybe only a […]

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The sailboat block (commonly referred to as a pulley) is used to turn a line or wire as well as to facilitate a purchase. The parts of a block, in simple terms, consist of the following: a sheave for the line to run on a sheave pin or axle for the sheave to spin on a strap or […]

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Stanchion Bases

Stanchion bases are an often forgotten about, yet important, portion of our boat. They are responsible for giving our boat’s lifelines ‘a foot to stand on’ – so to speak. Unfortunately, stanchion bases are also a major reason for soft decks. We (at The Rigging Co.) tend to think this is because of the long fulcrum that is naturally created by the […]

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Vitters Carbon #whatayacht

Vitters Shipyard does it again. “Sarissa” a 42.6 m (140.58′) carbon fiber spectacle, is the largest carbon sloop built in the Netherlands, maybe even in the world, to date. Check out the Vitters Shipyard YouTube feed for more super yacht footage. This design oozes modern style, remarkable speed (it cruises at 11 knots) and offers far […]

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One Boat Closer….V.O.R.

I can hardly wait any longer for this race to kick off. Since hydro-foiling catamaran’s with fixed wings are still not safe to sail around the world, the Volvo Ocean 65 will have to do ;-0) Although it does look like they have integrated the wave piercing bow into the design……. These boats are obviously […]

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Oh to Dream

Sometimes it nice just to see what the world’s financially elite are up to. Apparently being an architect pays well… Behold the beautiful 44.7m (147ft) lift keel sloop “Lady B”. Built and launched by Vitters Shipyard who design some pretty incredible boats. “Lady B” is a sleek performance yacht with the ever-sought-after low-slung lines of classic […]

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The Elan 400

This is one of the nicer, well thought out cruiser/racers on the sailboat market. Lots of things to like here; all of the neat little compartments(especially for the companion way halyard jumble), cockpit ‘pop-up table’, the fold swim platform, and of course the slick below deck headsail furler. Could loose the sail pack though, maybe […]

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