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I have always fancied the exploration designed yachts. They just scream heavy duty and robust, which I like for anything I’m going to be sailing around the world. Aluminum has been the choice material for many reputable exploration yachts of the past. Garcia Yachts of France seems to think, “why mess with success”. Take a look at the brand new Garcia Exploration 45…

The 45′ boat boasts a few unique highlights that I like: The anchor windlass and chain locker are a-midships near the mast, yet still deploys from the bow like any other boat. This unique feature helps reduce the fore and aft cavitation in a seaway. The 3.75′ to 9.5′ adjustable draft is a must for any world exploration cruiser. The closed cell insulation above the water line is also a neat feature for any boat sure to find cold weather conditions. While the overhanging eye brow molding and the many louvered hatches provide adequate shade and ventilation when in the more tropical climates. The stylish coach roof also creates an offshore ocean scoop or dodger for the cockpit; much like what you might expect to find on an IMOCA Open 60 to help protect the crew form the elements. The on-the-mast whisker pole system is also a must-have when designing a world explorer like the Garcia Exploration 45….great for running before the wind in a variety of conditions.

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I do like that there is dedicated code zero furler at the very front of the boat, handy for any light air reaching. Yet, the rigging has left a few things to be desired in my opinion. Now, I am not 100% certain that this isn’t equipped (I just hear no mention of it), but I would like to see an automatic chain wash down like on the JP 54. Even though he calls the Jib Stay a “Solent” in the video the boat isn’t actually equipped with a true Solent Stay. However, I think a boat like this would benefit strongly from a true Solent Stay over the current Stay-Sail Stay configuration. This would eliminate the associated runner block and tackle. More lines to pull (or to forget to pull) when using the boats heavy air headsail has to be something most would like to do without. It appears that although the deck is aluminum the lifeline stanchions are made of polished stainless. Wouldn’t an aluminum or composite stanchion do better here? It would certainly make for less corrosion around the stanchion bases. Lastly, if there’s ever been a boat that needs a Leisure Furl, this is it.

All-in-all, I’d go sailing on one if someone asked ;-0) Great job Garcia Yachts, keep up the good work and thank you to Choose Your Boat‘s YouTube feed for the review.


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