A New Twist on Sails

Elan 38 Omer Wing sail

Inside the Omer Wing sailPeople have been talking more and more about wing sails these days. This technology can’t possibly make its transition into the cruising sailboat market, or can it? Yachting Monthly checks out the new Elan 37 equipped with the Omer Wing Sail. A wing shaped soft sail that can be doused, stowed, and even reefed.

Omer Wing sail DousedIt is not particularly pretty, no’r is it exceptionally ugly, it is just………different. It does however, seem to simplify the sailing process a good bit by utilizing an un-stayed, rotating, ‘A’ frame carbon fiber mast. There is no jib to tack so the boat can tack much quicker and easier. The end result, a higher performance sail plan, with less weight aloft, a higher pointing angle, and ease of sail handling. Of course, I would wait this technology out for a little while so that Omar can buff out any rough edges. Although it may not be time yet, this new development may hold some promise for the future of sailing after all.

Wally Omer Wing Sail
Omer Wing Sail Joins Forces with Wally Yachts!

2 thoughts on “A New Twist on Sails

  1. Hi.
    It is a pity you attached old photos of Omer wing-sail Mark 1 (from several years ago) and not those of the current Mark IV. It is now a mature product, No need to buff out rough edges. I’ll be sailing the wing in south France next month, at the week of Monaco yacht show. You are invited to sail and test it yourself, in order to have your own first hand impression.
    Best regards,

    1. I would love to thanks for the invite. It may be a bit difficult unless there are any here on East Coast of the US. South of France does sound nice though…..jealous! Please feel free to forward any updated pictures or information that you feel critical that I should add to the blog.

      Thanks for the comment…..and the read!

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