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Bavaria Yachts Interior, German Engineering

German engineering is at it again, Bavaria Yachts is all new and looking good. Bavaria Yachts are being built (and have always been built, since 1978) just minutes away from my hometown Wurzburg, Germany in a small township called Giebelstadt. Although being completely land locked, the company boasts of being one of the largest production yacht building facilities in the world. The company has over 650 employees and an entourage of robots. The yacht manufacturer is capable of producing over 3,500 yachts per year. That’s a lot of fiberglass! However, don’t be thrown by their high production numbers apparently these yachts are all built to order, plus all parts are made in house.

Check out this pseudo “How it’s Made” video of the Bavaria Yachtbau factory, brought to you by BavariaYachtbau’s YouTube feed. Apparently these boats were redesigned in 2008  and are now being designed right here in beautiful downtown Annapolis, at Farr Yacht Design in conjunction with BMW Designworks. So next time you are out stepping aboard what might be your next new yacht give Bavaria Yachts a try, you may like what you see.

Bavaria Yachts

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