It Takes Two To Tango….

Groupama Dismasting! Groupama Dismasting!Volvo Ocean Race has seen yet another disaster. Leg leaders, Groupama have unfortunately been dis-masted just some 600NM from the finish line. This may have been some sort of record for the Volvo Ocean Race and Whitbread Cups combined, for being the most disastrous leg in history. Abu Dhabi, who never seemed to quite catch up from their initial damage at the beginning of the race, reported yet even more damage and decided to withdraw form the leg altogether.

Groupama Dismasting! Spirits are Low   All things aren’t bad though, as Team Telefonica has not only made repairs in a timely fashion but it seems the Spaniards have made gains and are all of a sudden nipping at the heels of the only remaining boat without damage, Puma’s Mar Mastro. Team Camper is making strides with the onshore repair team and are still Groupama Dismasting!anxious to get back out there and finish this leg. This tactic could prove beneficial for the New Zealand team as there are points to be had. Team Camper better hurry up though as they still have to sail down the southwestern coast of Chile, around Cape Horn and all the way to the finish. Fortunately, all sailors are safe and uninjured. Good luck, may you and your boats hold together.

Groupama Dismasting!

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