Cape Horn A-Stern…..

Volvo Ocean Race -Groupama

……. for two of the teams anyways. Enjoy the latest video presented by, they really do an outstanding job putting together these great video edits.

Volvo Ocean Race -Groupama

Watch as race leaders Groupama and Puma utilize someĀ beautiful sailingĀ conditions to simply appreciate their boats holding together! With the worst behind them, the french team employ’s a one man on deck tactic. Team Puma, discuss how nice it is to finally get to wear their sunglasses as they enjoy a 6 NM lead.

Volvo Ocean Race - Telefonica

Team Telefonica’s repairs,Ā faredĀ well and they are on their way just 250 NM behind. Chris Nicholson’s Team Camper have still not arrived in Chile. And Team Abu Dhabi showcases some of their on-boardĀ talent.

Volvo Ocean Race - Abu Dhabi

Watch Video Here!

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