No Rudder, No Problem!

Ever wonder, “what if we lose steerage”? Well this little video, brought to you by our friends at Yachting Monthly, covers a few concepts to help allow you to get your boat back under control.   They say that they took a rudderless GK29 and tried 3 different ways of steering it. Maybe its just […]

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Sad, that I still have no idea how to use one of these. I found this video quite helpful in describing how to get a rough fix on location. I am sure this is becoming a lost art with all of the available technology today. However, I think of it as an essential skill in […]

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How to Break Your Mast and Fix it!

Here is a neat rigging related find from’sĀ YouTubeĀ feed. In this first video you will see the crew attempt to force a dismasting by replacing the standing rigging clevis pins with shortened fiberglass battens. At first the fiberglass battens hold up, much to their surprise. After replacing the pins with even smallerĀ fiberglassĀ pins andĀ accidentallyĀ unfurling theĀ GenoaĀ all the […]

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A New Twist on Sails

People have been talking more and more about wing sails these days. This technology can’t possibly make its transition into the cruising sailboat market, or can it? Yachting Monthly checks out the new Elan 37 equipped with the Omer Wing Sail. A wing shaped soft sail that can be doused, stowed, and even reefed. It […]

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The Elan 400

This is one of the nicer, well thought out cruiser/racers on the sailboat market. Lots of things to like here; all of the neat little compartments(especially for the companion way halyard jumble), cockpit ‘pop-up table’, the fold swim platform, and of course the slick below deck headsail furler. Could loose the sail pack though, maybe […]

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