How to Break Your Mast and Fix it!

Here is a neat rigging related find from’sĀ YouTubeĀ feed. In this first video you will see the crew attempt to force a dismasting by replacing the standing rigging clevis pins with shortened fiberglass battens. At first the fiberglass battens hold up, much to their surprise. After replacing the pins with even smallerĀ fiberglassĀ pins andĀ accidentallyĀ unfurling theĀ GenoaĀ all the […]

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Vendee Globe Week 5

We are trying to keep up with the predominantly French sailboat race, the Vendee Globe Challenge 2012-2013. This is truly the only regatta that is harder than the Volvo Ocean Race. Twenty racers began the race and only thirteen remain. Take a minute to catch up on the latest action as sailors try and race […]

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