Yachting Anyone?

There are big rigs and then there are big rigs! Perini Navi and Ron Holland deliver once again in typical fashion. This incredible yacht, “Felicita West”,Ā cuts no corners. Check out the video that showcases some of the vessels highlights. As well as the refit and massive mast stepping project undertaken by Seahawke Rigging along with […]

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The New Boss

The IMOCA Open 60 Hugo Boss team is growing and has added an American by the name of Ryan Breymaier. This guy has many accolades in sailing, one of them being the ‘Golden Route’ record: New York to San Francisco by way of Cape Horn. Recently he took the New York to Barcelona ‘Ocean Masters‘ […]

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Leading Halyards Aft

Leading halyards aft is becoming quite popular on newer boats today. Leading the lines to the cockpit can provide the convenience of not having to leave the safety cockpit in order to control the sails. This comes at the cost of added friction, even when using extremely high end hardware to try and reduce this. […]

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The sailboat blockĀ (commonly referred to as a pulley) is used to turn a lineĀ or wireĀ as well as to facilitate a purchase. The parts of a block, in simple terms, consist of the following: a sheave for the line to run on a sheave pin or axle for the sheave to spin on a strap or […]

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Lubricants for Sailboats!

There are many lubricant products that all claim to do different things, or do they? So it is easy to see why this can become confusing. Not to mention there are even moreĀ lubricationĀ products becoming available on the market every day. I have been on many boats and usually see mixture of WD-40 and some sort […]

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Stanchion Bases

Stanchion bases are an often forgotten about, yet important, portion of our boat. They areĀ responsibleĀ for giving our boat’sĀ lifelinesĀ ‘a foot to stand on’ – so to speak.Ā Unfortunately, stanchion bases are also a major reason for soft decks. We (at The Rigging Co.) tend to think this is because of the long fulcrum that isĀ naturallyĀ created by the […]

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