The three bigĀ winchĀ Ā players areĀ Harken,Ā Lewmar, andĀ Andersen.Ā SeldenĀ is also trying to make a splash in the production winch market. Almost all of these manufacturers offer different drum finishes from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome plated bronze (even unchromed bronze upon special request). So what are some of the other differences? One of the number one companies in […]

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How to Service Your Winches

Some winches are more difficult to service than others. If you do not know what to expect, certain parts, depending on manufacturer, can come sliding out at inopportuneĀ times and jump overboard! I happen to know this from personalĀ experienceĀ and if you are really unlucky (like I was) then it may be a part from a vintage […]

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