One Boat Closer….V.O.R.

I can hardly wait any longer for this race to kick off. Since hydro-foiling catamaran’s with fixed wings are still not safe to sail around the world, the Volvo Ocean 65 will have to do ;-0) Although it does look like they have integrated the wave piercing bow into the design……. These boats are obviously […]

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Volvo Ocean Race 2014……

….is well underway! Check out at FARR Yacht Design right here Annapolis, MD U.S.A., as they figure out how to make this new OD VOR 65 class come together. The hulls are actually being built in France and the decks in Italy. I can’t wait to see these things on the water……. Expect more videos […]

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A Finish in France

The French team Groupama seize victory in their home port. Team Telefonica was looking good unitl they broke a rudder, repaired it, sailed themselves back in to the race with their rocket boat and then…….. …. broke a rudder again! This victory for Groupama moves the French team into a comfortable lead. The exciting part […]

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A Short and Windy Leg…..

….. lies ahead as Volvo Ocean Race Teams depart Lisbon, Portugal. The 1250 NM leg promises some of the windiest conditions yet. Keep a close eye on the overall leader board as Team Telefonica has dropped back for the first time in the race do to some comparably poor sailing to, in and from Lisbon. […]

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Check Out the Best Jury Rig!

Puma the only boat not to break, WINS! Team Telefonica never ceases to amaze as they take the 2nd place podium. Don’t count out Camper as they only have 2000NM to go before the next in-port race just 14 days away. Groupama sport the worlds nicest jury rig ever made and quite possibly will have […]

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It Takes Two To Tango….

Ā Volvo Ocean Race has seen yet another disaster. Leg leaders, Groupama have unfortunately beenĀ dis-mastedĀ just some 600NM from the finish line. This may have been some sort of record for the Volvo Ocean Race and Whitbread Cups combined, for being the mostĀ disastrousĀ leg in history. Abu Dhabi, who never seemed to quite catch up from their initial […]

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