The Solent Has Its Own Stay!

A stay that gets its name from a strait┬áseparating the Isle of Wight┬áfrom the mainland of southern England,┬áthe Solent. This traditionally windy┬áplace┬áwith strong currents can cause rough sea┬áconditions and can make for some interesting sailing, to say the least.┬áThis┬ábody┬áof water is also famous for hosting one of sailing’s largest events known as Cowes Week. These […]

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Garcia Yachts

I have always fancied the exploration designed yachts. They just scream heavy duty and robust, which I like for anything I’m going to be sailing around the world. Aluminum has been the choice material for many reputable exploration yachts of the past. Garcia Yachts of France seems to think, “why mess with success”. Take a […]

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