The Self Tending Jib Boom

Jib boom or no jib boom… that is the question. First we need to figure out why it’s there to begin with. The jib boom really only has its advantages when sailing “off the wind”. It allows the sail to maintain a well projected, fast sail shape as the sheet is eased off of centerline. […]

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The Annapolis Spring Boat Show Lives On!

Well folks,¬†apparently the last one was such a success that they’re doing it again.¬†U.S. Yacht Shows¬†proudly presents, the second annual Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show 2013. The event will be held in Annapolis’¬†historical downtown, City Dock. The Annapolis Fall boat show, has helped to build the town’s reputation for hosting the largest boat show in the […]

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Best Crew Work Ever

Looking for a good video to inspire your crew. I was pleased to find this gem in the Quantum Racing library. Leave it up to Team Quantum and skipper Terry Hutchinson to demonstrate perfect boat mechanincs. If you have never seen a full crew on TP52 work in harmony before then this is a good […]

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Pirates Amidst!

I really didn’t intend to blog so much about the Volvo Ocean Race but there is just so much interesting news!¬† Apparently¬†the French Team, Groupama retain a 80 NM lead but maybe not for long. As the fleet heads into the Indian Ocean and perhaps the trickiest and most unpredictable portion of the race, The […]

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Amazing Crew Work

Take a minute to check out the¬†impeccable¬†crew work of Team Quantum as well as the excellent helmsman skills in close quarters of Annapolis’ own, Terry Hutchinson, long time skipper of the TP52 Quantum Racing Team.

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