Special Offers!

Here are some of our current deals:

  • PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE****– We will not only match, but also beat any of our competitor’s offers, on parts and on labor.
  • FREE!! SAILING SYSTEMS TUTORIALS** – Schedule a few hours with one of our experienced staff members to go over your boat’s rigging related systems while actually sailing! Mast tune, furling, dousing, hoisting, and reefing are just some of the on board systems that we’ll go over while sailing aboard your boat with you. ~FREE for a limited time! 
  • BOAT SHOW SOCIAL DISCOUNT – Be seen at any sailing social event (the boat show) and take a selfie with any of our ‘The Rigging Company’ swag; hat, bags, shirts or pens and receive an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF OF PARTS. Just post it and tag us. Don’t forget to tell us where you were. ~Valid in conjunction with other offers! EXPIRES 12/31/2017!!

All of The Rigging Company’s customers receive a 10% discount from List Price on any part! Just for being our customer as a Thank You!

**Service call charges may apply outside of local (Annapolis) service area.

****seeing the competitor’s offer is a stipulation of the price match guarantee. Send us a copy of the quote, estimate or invoice  (you may blank out the competitors name) so that we can accurately compare parts and labor.

6 Responses to Special Offers!

  1. Mark Baldwin says:

    What size do you recommend for a winch used largely for hoisting someone up the mast. I’d want self-tailing, thinking of Anderson. Boat is Sea Sprite 34. Tall mast. The present main halyard winch is a bit light when a modest-strength female is hoisting a modest-weight adult male

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Hey Mark,

      We were swamped with boat show last week so we apologize for the delayed response. I wouldn’t size the winches according to you climbing the mast, but rather what size winch does the line require to do it’s work. Use this winch sizing guide…http://www.lewmar.com/Winch-Selection-Guide. Use this to verify the size needed for the task. Check the specs against the winch you have now. You may find that sizing is a “Tweener”, if that is the case, go to the next size up. Let us know if you need more.

      Hope that helps and thanks for commenting.


  2. Jeff says:

    Can you help inspect and/or replace chain plates on a Cape Dory 28; the mast has been taken

  3. Denise Gill says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Do you do any work on rudders? Specifically, I notice that there is bit too much play in the rudder post – noticeable at the rudder cap in the cockpit which can be seen to move when turning the wheel. My boat is a 1987 Catalina 34, and you may recall that you replaced the steering linkage two seasons ago and I was pleased with the work that you did then. Regarding this rudder issue – the Catalina on-line discussions have spoken about a need to “shim” between the rudder post and the column that the post runs through. Would you have any knowledge about this? Thanks for your help.

    Kind Regards,

    Denise Gill

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Rudders are a fine line between boat builders and riggers. Having said that we have dealt with many rudders and would be glad to help/ make suggestions. I will message you via email to discuss further.
      Thanks for the comment ……….~T.R.C.

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