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  1. I sent in a work request form a few days ago and have not heard back. Just checking on status. The boat name is Entre nous and is in Annapolis Maryland capital yacht club. It’s a passport 470cc 1997. I have need of tuning my rig as well as fixing a twisted shrouds.

  2. I’m looking into purchasing a Hinckley Bermuda 40 Mk III yawl. It will need all new standing rigging. I see on your web site that you have “packages”, but I can’t find any further description or cost for the packages. Do you have such a package for the B40 Mk III? If so, what is the cost? If not, what would it cost to replace the standing rigging on the B40 Mk III? The boat has recently-replaced turnbuckles on the bottom ends, so I won’t need those. The headsail is a Harken roller furling rig which appears to be in good shape – so I won’t need that either. I think that the usual 1X19 wire rope with swaged fittings would be adequate – unless you have some recommendation otherwise.

    Also – the base of the mizzen shows heavy corrosion; I haven’t looked at the base of the main mast yet. Would your reconditioning of the mast include cutting of a portion of the base and fabricating a new step (perhaps out of G10?) to replace the amount of mast removed?


    1. Hi Rick,

      Thanks for contacting us. Yes, we do have packages for this boat. We finished a new mast build, complete with standing and running rigging back in 2015 for a Bermuda 40 sloop. It sounds like you have the yawl? Just to do some thinking aloud….The general rule of thumb, if the boat has swaged wire rigging you are looking at around $4k for just the standing rigging of the main mast. If we add a very rough $2500 or so for the mizzen and round up, we could say $7k is a good budget for standing rigging replacement. You will also need to take the masts down and put them back up, let’s say $3k for that. In terms of refinishing, yes we would trim the mast butt if needed and make up for the length lost (ususally minimal) either with the standing rigging, OR make a G10 riser for the mast step as you suggest. Refinishing both masts can run easily around 7 grand. Having said all of that, I would imagine that a project like this can easily be in 20 thousand territory.

      Please fill out our Online Work Request Form and one of our sales staff will contact you to set up some time to ask questions and/or meet at the boat to discuss the details and come up with a more specific estimate.


    1. I wouldn’t and I cant imagine that it would work without problems. Either to damage the turnbuckle or the quadrant. I would just use stainless steel cable clamps/bulldogs/wire clips (makes for easy adjusting), stainless steel thimbles to the threaded eye bolt (make sure the eye is welded closed) and some 7×19 stainless steel wire. The other end that attaches to the chain should either have a chain swage or also a thimbled eye made with a nicro press sleeve and heat shrink tubing to protect the rough edges. That’s the way Edson Marine likes it and I tend to agree. Go with what works; no grease, no turnbuckles and no funny business.
      Hope this helps and thank you for the comment.

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