OH Sanya

Just as the things started looking up for the China based team, Sanya reported a rudder failure and luckily was able to make an at sea repair with the spare rudder. Here is Skipper Mike Sanderson’s take……. Here is some more on that, as well as some high speed surfing action……

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VOR- The Home Stretch

It almost seems as if Cape Reinga, New Zealand gets farther and farther away as the teams approach the final stretch. With the final 400 NM a-head, the wind has shifted forward, making the teams work up wind until the very end. Most of the teams are tired and beat up from the many sail changes […]

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Solomon Islands A-Stern…..

The Volvo Ocean Racing Fleet, is almost there. After the the guys successfully navigated the Solomon Islands they only have one more thing on their minds, Auckland. Looks like the portion of the fleet that split to the east prevailed, with better ‘breeze’ and better wind angle than the fleet to leeward. Take 3 minutes and catch up!

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Volvo Ocean Race

After the fleet having to work upwind in some short and steep ‘chop’ (due to the strong current streams opposing the wind direction) for the first portion of this leg, the fleet did have a glimmer of some fast downwind action. Many of the crews have been sick for most of this leg due to […]

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Telefonica Keeps The Lead As They Approach The Last 400NM

Ken Read’s Puma Team carries a somber tone as their leverage move to split from the fleet, backfires! Mar Mastro finds itself just ahead of last place Team Sanya and aside from the fleet making a huge mistake, will be lucky to reel-in Team Abu Dhabi, which lie just ahead. Team Groupama is nipping at the leader’s heals only 7 NM […]

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Pirates Amidst!

I really didn’t intend to blog so much about the Volvo Ocean Race but there is just so much interesting news!  Apparently the French Team, Groupama retain a 80 NM lead but maybe not for long. As the fleet heads into the Indian Ocean and perhaps the trickiest and most unpredictable portion of the race, The […]

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