Products and Services

We offer a full line of Rigging Products and Services, including but not limited to:

  • Complete Rigging Inspections for Insurance and General Survey
  • Deck Hardware Layout and Installation

Enjoy these links from our favorite rigging hardware manufacturers:

BSI Denmark. BSI rod rigging. The Better Navtec

Johnson Marine Annapolis Riggers
New England Ropes Sailboat Rigger Annapolis Marylandharken usa sailboat rigger
hayn marine sailboat rigger annapolis maryland
lewmar winches
samson ropes sailboat rigger annapolis maryland
 forespar lesiure furl sailboat rigger annapolis maryland

Ronstan rigging companyschaefer marine sailboat riggerSailtec Hydraulics Annapolis spinlock rope clutchesAWL GRIP FOR YOUR MAST

Zephyrworks rigging company sheaves custom

ZEPHYRWERKS…..The Best Sheaves in The World!

Hood Furlers at the rigging company

Hall Spars Quick Vang
Marlow ropes at the rigging Company
Stalok mechanical fittings at the rigging company

 Andersen winches anderson at the rigging company
 Navtec rigging solutions

32 Responses to Products and Services

  1. Colin Binkley says:

    Hello. I have a need to replace a portion of standing rigging. Do I remove and send to you? Can’t do until perhaps end of March. Can you guess a turn around time during Spring. Thank you

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Hi Colin,

      Yes, just like that. Make sure that you mark the threads of the turnbuckle where they intersect the turnbuckle so that we can duplicate this setting for measurement purposes. Turn around will likely be 2 weeks from when we receive your rigging, but can take up to 4 weeks depending on work flow and also parts availability. What kind of boat and what shrouds are you thinking about?

      Fill out our work request form when ready.


      • Anonymous says:

        THANKYOU. C&C 40’ ketch. Aft stay on mainmast. Port leg of a Y configuration. Perhaps more. 1st chance I’ll get it down and look over the rest. I’ll email as I send it. Thank you so much. Worst part is I’m sure I sailed past you 2 yrs ago. On the hard in the Great Lakes this winter. Colin. SV Lindsey Layne

  2. Michael Allaby says:

    Irwin 34 Citation, 1980 original rigging…

    I need to replace for a year long cruise I’m planning… Located Fredericton New Brunswick

    Approximate Price, time to make, and install difficulty?
    Mast is already off, goes back on in 2 months

  3. Chales O. Haines says:

    I have one of your inner stay stowing units.
    An essential component, a shackle with a 50mm threaded, 10mm diameter pin, fit to a 30mm inside width and around 40mm inside depth, went overboard. Can you provide a similar shackle or tell me where I might find one?

  4. Casey says:


    Looking for terminal end of a turnbuckle with toggle. Screw size 3/8 right hand, clevis pin size on bottom of screw and on toggle is 7/16Just. looking for the screw and toggle, but will buy body if must. In SS screw.. Think open body have is chrome bronze.
    Thanks! I’ll send pix if you give me a email.
    Casey 808 385 2800

  5. Gurlen says:

    Hi, if you have these Stoboom parts still please let me know. Thanks. 718-259-4001

  6. Gurlen says:

    Hi, if you have these Stoboom parts still please let me know. Thanks. 728-259-4001

  7. bob caldwell says:

    What a great site! Thank you. I need a new forestay that works with my Shaefer furling system on my 27 Ericson (1974). Specs on the forestay from the manual say: 34.39′. A quote would be great or I will call you tomorrow. bob

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Wow, Thank you! I’ll look forward to it…..wait we aren’t open tomorrow ;-0) HA! BUT Please go ahead and give us a call anyways and leave a message we’ll get back to you Monday morning :-0)

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s it EXACTLY!

  9. Anonymous says:

    That’s EXACTLY!

  10. Neil Armand says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a solent stay retaining device. Basically looks like a semi-circular section of tubing that has a groove cut out and redirects the highfield lever to an alternate “storage” position. Any thoughts?

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      We do make them to order. I will need to double check pricing but imagine them to be somewhere between $100-$150. Does it look something like this?
      Inner Stay Stowage Clip.
      Hope this helps. Also read here for more info on stowing your inner stay.

  11. Tony Glaude says:

    I’m looking to create access to my 35′ Beneteau at the bow. I would like to add pelican hooks to the two starboard lifelines at the first stanchion from the pulpit. This would mean, I believe, cutting the current lifelines at the stanchion and attaching the pelican hooks on the end coming from the pulpit, and attaching d-rings at the first stanchion, or something like that. Please advise.

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      You correct on your hardware and prcedure methods. It would additionally require a stanchion gate brace as well. Please let us know if we can help further. Thanks for the comment, T.R.C.

  12. Gil says:

    Hi guys, I’m trying to find a source for cam cleats. I will need about 30 to start with as I am starting to manufacture a new device for sailboats. Any ideas ? All the U.S. suppliers are too expensive and don’t discount anything. Thanks Much, Gil

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Is there a specific manufacturer that you prefer, (i.e. Ronstan, Harken, Schaefer)? Do you require a metal or plastic jaw? Should they be sized micro, standard or off-shore? Let me know and we can give you dealer pricing on 30 cleats of your choice.


  13. David Rowan says:

    I’m going to send you a photo of the current gooseneck arrangement to see if it’s suitable for a new boom.

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      Great! Also I will need the inside dimension between the two welded ears/ lugs, as well as the vertical pin diameter.

  14. David Rowan says:

    I have a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, bought used with a Hood Stoboom. We had an “adventure” which resulted in the destruction of the mainsail. I do not want to keep the Stoboom and am planning on getting a conventionally cut main with slab reefing. Do you think the boom can be re-rigged to accommodate reefing hardware? If not, can you give some estimate of the cost of a replacement boom? I know Selden makes booms with all reefing lines lead internally, but that’s probably beyond my budget since I’m having to get a new sail and mast track, etc. All suggestions are welcome.

    David Rowan

    • The Rigging Company, LLP says:

      An “adventure”, sounds fun ;-0) I just quoted a new conventional boom from Selden for a 36 footer, it came in around $1100 w/o shipping. The boom included provisions for 2 reef lines and an outhaul. I know this isn’t an exact quote but should give you some point of reference. Additionally there will most likely have to be some finagling of the boom gooseneck to make it all fit.
      Is the boat near us? If so, we could come take a look, make some final recommendations, and provide an accurate quote, it’s FREE! If not, we can do it over the phone and email via pictures and measurements. Just let us know how we can help.

    • gurlen says:

      Hi, do you have old stoboom ( Sto or stow boom Or stowboom :) ) aluminum mast track available?

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