Going Aloft Like the Pros

This may seem a little long winded, but going aloft on a sailboat mast is serious business and should not be taken lightly. Serious injury or death can occur, so please take every precaution. I would like to take a moment to talk about some of the methods that we use to ensure our safety […]

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Views from Aloft

I see you! Here we are aloft again. This time to try and (unsuccessfully) drop-in a new spare Main Halyard. There was foam inside the mast for noise dampening. This foam caused our plumbers chain to get snagged on the way down….no matter how hard we tried. Stevens 50 is a pretty slick little old […]

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Spar Finishes

Today’s spars are usually made of composite carbon fiber or aluminum extrusions. Both of these mast materials, just like old wooden masts, require a finish. Whereas wooden masts were typically coated with a clear varnish, they could also be found painted. These more traditional finishes were typically brush applied or rolled and tipped. Spray finishes became […]

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Views From Aloft

A beautiful day in Friendship, Maryland Click the image for a better view! We went aloft on this completely re-rigged Beneteau 411 to cover tang holes. The birds were making their way-in and building a nest. Who wouldn’t, those are some big holes that make a great front door. “Come on in” We used black […]

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Which Radar Reflector?

A radar reflector is used to help make your vessel more identifiable by other boats and ships that use radar to scan for vessels as well as other obstructions. In the world of radar reflectors there are many, many options. For sailboats the options are narrowed down a bit, but there is still much controversy over […]

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Deck Tie Downs

What is a deck tie down? A deck tie down keeps the deck from being pulled up on keel stepped masts, where the mast does not sit on the deck. When the halyards are led aft via turning blocks attached to either the mast collar or the deck surrounding it, the deck will try and […]

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Views from Aloft

An absolutely GORGEOUS day on the bay. This trip aloft was to retrieve a skyed main halyard and conduct a basic visual safety inspection. This was our first ‘Views from Aloft’ this year, taken last month on the Magothy River in beautiful Arnold Maryland. I have to say the Island Packet 38 is one of […]

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