AC and the VOR

Some big news in the two sailing events that will always have my full attention.

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The Americas Cup has announced the return of the classic (yet modernly equipped) J Class boats for the 35th edition of the Americas cup taking place in 2017, in Bermuda. This will add some class back into the highly modern, always rule changing  Americas Cup. AC officials also announced that they will be taking some significant cost saving measures for the competition to help persuade more possible entries. Not a bad idea IMO.


The Volvo Ocean Race Teams have reached the halfway mark, ’round the cape, and are on their final approach into Itajaí. In typical Cape Horn fashion the fleet is getting battered by big wind and big waves. Only 5 of the 7 boats are left after race leaders Dongfeng Race Team, broke their mast.

Dongfeng mast break, donfong

I do have to say, this fleet of boats is holding up better than any other Volvo or Whitbread boats that I can remember. That’s a “pat on the back” for the boats’ builders Green Marine! Dongfeng Race Team has withdrawn from the leg and stopped in Ushuaia, perhaps the southern most city in the world, to make some necessary repairs. The team is going to try to create a solid jury rig to get to the Leg 6 start which is in 16 days.  The team will have to limp north to Itajaí with an ETA of 10 days. That will make it a very tight 5 day turnaround to get the new mast rigged, the crew rested and the boat re-stocked for the next leg to Newport, RI. They can do it!

Here is some long awaited footage of the teams getting pounded by the world’s southern most oceans…

What is amazing is after all that distance sailed, other than the girls, the boats are all within 15 NM of each other. Crazy!


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