Dongfeng Troubles

Team Brunel BLASt into the lead!

With the usual suspects, Team Brunel, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Donfeng Racing, atop the leader board; the Chinese team lost a halyard. This snag led to a night time trip aloft (eeeek!) and a position loss. 3rd place is currently being held by Mapfre, but with only 7NM as a buffer, the Spanish entry will need to work hard to stay in front.

Translation Tip: I am fairly certain that when the Chinese Team’s French teammates say “G”1, they mean “J”1….it’s a French thing. ;-0)

As far as the leader board is concerned, going north proved beneficial for one of the two boats and disastrous for the other. Team Brunel is currently putting on a clinic and enjoying their monstrous 55NM lead. Team SCA, the other team that went north, really needs to figure out something. The all girl team is trailing behind the entire fleet in typical fashion and making losses instead of gains. I would really like to see the girls do better on one of these legs. Come on Team SCA, step it up!

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