Team Vestas Wind Gets a New Boat…

…well, maybe.

The famous Vestas Wind Crash Picture, total loss, run aground, crash into earth
Look at the SIZE of that hole!

If you’ve not heard by now, the Volvo Ocean Race Team Vestas Wind smashed into the earth several days ago. The boat grounded in the Indian Ocean Off of the southeast coast of Africa on the Cargados Carajos Shoals (St. Brandon), some 260 miles north east of Mauritius.

Here is the latest edit of the footage from on board as well as some insight into the what and where.

Courtesy of the Volvo Ocean Race Channel‘s YouTube feed.

In the latest news: the team deemed the boat irreparable. However, with their crew now safely on land, attention has turned to retrieving the vessel. Even though the boat is a loss, it appears to be early enough in the race that the powers to be are playing the numbers and logistics involved in building a whole new boat! I am not a boat builder but imagine that’ll be some feat.

Good Luck Team Vestas…..I hope to see these guys back out there.

2 thoughts on “Team Vestas Wind Gets a New Boat…

  1. I hope they do!
    I think all sailors have been able to learn a lesson from their mistake. Such a shame that it had to happen to them though. Ouch!

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