Views from Aloft

Baltimore Yacht Club
Click on the image for a zoom-able view. Please excuse the poor stitching on the left ;-0)

On this day we where conducting a rigging inspection and rig tune.

Baltimore Yacht Club Aloft

Although it looked beautiful, it was disgustingly HOT!

B.Y.C. Aloft view

You can see clearly below that in order to remove the mast head sheaves the entire mast head needs to be un-bolted and removed. The sheave pins are hidden inside the mast wall. Slick, but not easily serviceable.

Hunter Mast Head Sheaves

I have never been to the Baltimore Yacht Club (unbelievable, I know). What a great place to keep your boat with great access to sailing the Bay within seconds.

Hunter from Aloft
Hunter 410

3 thoughts on “Views from Aloft

    1. We would take the mast down for this, yes. You do not need to I am sure, but we have learned over time that the cost difference between the two, standing re-rig and unstepping to re-rig, are close enough to warrant taking the mast down.

      A few other benefits of taking the mast down are, any problem encountered can be much easier to resolve with one tech working on the mast on horses, than two techs working aloft. Also, if nothing else, having your mast unstepped every 3-5 years is a good idea for inspection purposes, this will help make the owner more comfortable with the process.


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