Views from Aloft




Bay Bridge Marina

We went aloft for a safety inspection after this beautiful Cabo Rico experienced a lightening strike.

Cabo Rico 38

You can see below that the brunt of the lightening strike was taken by the VHF antenna.

Cabo Rico Sailboat Lightening Strike

Pictured below you will see two head-swivels on a set of Profurl headsail furlers. One with correct hoist and one that is just shy of correct. As you can see the link bar should be hoisted high enough to engage the trademark Profurl ‘puck’.

Pro Furl with proper hoist
A Pro Furl Furler Where the Saill has Proper Hoist
Pro Furl Furler Not enough hoist
A Profurl Furler Where the Sail does not Have Enough Hoist.

Lastly…… you can tell when your mast needs a fresh coat of paint.

When to paint my mast

Thanks for taking a look at the view!


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