Views from Aloft

Rock Creek Aloft
If you look closely you can see the Yacht Witchcraft, it’s really tiny

This week we were aloft to replace a headsail furler.

Hood Yacht systems Aloft at White Rocks Marina

Hood Yacht Systems provided this furler. The Hood Seafurl seems to be a good furler.

views from aloft Rock Creek

I’d say my only real tiff with these systems is the rubber liner that is found inside each of the extrusions.

S2 Yachts from aloft

The ball bearings are dry lubricated, which I like.

Maryland yacht Club

Give it your best shot and see if you can guess what the name of this creek is.

Jimmie Cockerill's Leg

Thanks for taking a look at the view!


2 thoughts on “Views from Aloft

  1. Not bad, you must know the area well Paul. Thanks for the comment. Just FYI (for your information) if you click on the top panorama picture and then click it again, you should be able to zoom-in see her “heiney”.

  2. I will take a guess at the creek. It’s Rock Creek and your looking over at Maryland Yacht Club.

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